Cell Phone Out Of Juice? MP3 Player Dead? No Problem - Our Voltaic Backpack Will Soon Have You Up And Running!

voltaic backpack

Power To The People!

With our Voltaic Backpack, that's exactly what happens! We know, we've said that before ("Power To The People", that is), but we love John Lennon's way of thinking so much, we couldn't help repeating it here because it's so appropriate.

You see, this Backpack is manufactured by Voltaic Systems, and is one of Voltaic's solar bags, which are solar chargers designed to charge virtually all handheld electronics, thus putting power right where it belongs, in the hands (or the devices) of the people. What a great concept!

Powerful Solar Panels

Embedded in the outside of these solar chargers are lightweight, tough, waterproof solar panels. These panels produce 4 watts of power so 1 hour in direct sun will power over 3 hours of iPod (or virtually any other MP3 player) play time or 1.5 hours of cell phone talk time.

Battery Included

The Voltaic Backpack comes with a custom battery pack which stores any surplus power generated, so it is available when you need it - not just when the sun is up. The battery pack can also be charged using the included AC travel charger or car charger, making it just as useful on the grid as off.

Easy Connection to Devices

The Voltaic Backpack includes standard adaptors for common cell phones and other handheld devices. Even without an adaptor, you can charge most devices with a standard car charger or USB charger.

But Wait - It's Getting Better Still!

Because, not only does this Backpack help save the environment when producing energy from the sun, but it's manufacture is also environmentally sound. You see, Voltaic's bags use fabrics made from recycled PET i.e. soda bottles. They worked extensively with suppliers to develop these fabrics, since they were not previously available. Recycled PET fabric is light weight, extremely durable, UV resistant and water resistant. It even looks better than the nylon it replaced. Most importantly, it uses significantly less energy to produce and creates demand for recycled materials.

So, you see, it's a win all around!

Maybe We're Amazed

We are amazed at just how useful and versatile the Backpack is, and we're certain you will be as well. But, don't just take our word for it - try it out for a full 14 days and if the Backpack doesn't thrill you as much as we think it will, feel free to return it to us, no questions asked, at our expense. We're that confident that you'll love the freedom the Backpack gives you.

Can we say much fairer than that? We don't think so, so grab a Backpack and enjoy your new-found freedom from scrambling around trying to find a socket to charge up your devices. Now you can relax and enjoy your time away from the daily grind, knowing that's one less thing to worry about.

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