Solarmount Two Rail Mounting System Is Versatile And Easy To Install

Unirac Rail Group

The Solarmount Two Rail solar panel mounts are great for installing your PV array on either your roof or the ground. The Solarmount system accommodates the widest variety of installations and assembly preferences.

Light Or Not So Light?

That is the question. And what we mean by that is that these mounts come in either Standard (= not so light) or Light versions, with the Light costing less and using 38% less aluminum that the Standard, but still more than strong enough for flush mountings.

It's All In The Kit

These mounts come in kits in lengths up to 216 inches. Each kit contains 2 rails, L-feet and hardware to join the L-feet to the rails.

Size Matters

In the case of your PV panel mountings, it's true, so pick the size appropriate for the panels you have and we'll be more than happy to get them to you, so you can get those beautiful, new solar panels working for you and reducing your energy bill!

Standard rail (48-96 inches)

Rail length(inches)4860728496

Unirac part #300201300202300203300204300205

# of L-feet44444

Ship wt.(lbs)1314161719


Light rail (48-96 inches)

Rail length(inches)4860728496

Unirac part #303201303202303203303204303205

# of L-feet44446

Ship wt.(lbs)910111213


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