Let Our Complete, All-In-One Solar Power Systems Take Care Of All Your Solar Needs At Once!

House With Solar Power System

Our solar power systems are designed for use on residential and small commercial buildings. So, if you've done your homework and figured out the size of the system you need (or had it sized for you), then one of these systems will provide you with everything you need to get your system installed and producing power in no time.

Altogether Now
Yes, that's right - these systems come with everything altogether and ready to go. They consist of components from some of the finest manufacturers in the renewable energy world, and include top quality photovoltaic (PV) modules, the finest in inverters, array wiring, DC and AC disconnects, Unirac solar panel mounts to secure your PV modules to the roof, electrical drawings, data sheets, warranties and instructions.

Basically, you'll have everything you need to start producing and using your own energy and begin your journey towards independence from your utility company and their ever-increasing prices.

Being For The Benefit Of Yourself...And The Environment
Not only that, but you'll be doing a great service to your community and the environment in general by reducing your carbon footprint and the level of carbon emissions, and contributing to the fight to combat global warming.

On behalf of ourselves and the planet and our children's children's children, WE THANK YOU!

  • SolarWorld

    SolarWorld was founded in Germany in 1988 and currently has US facilities in Camarillo, CA, Hillsboro, OR and Vancouver, WA. SolarWorld offers a broad and diverse range of products from PV modules for grid-coupled and grid-independent power generation to complete solar power kits and systems.

    We carry the following system(s):

  • Evergreen Solar

    Evergreen Solar has been in business for over 13 years and, as such, they are well established experts in the industry. They pride themselves on the green technology they use, and their panels not only look beautiful but are some of the most cost-effective and efficient in the solar industry.

    We carry the following system(s):

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