Energy Saving Guide

Saving Money And The Environment

In this, our Energy Saving Guide, you'll find tips and suggestions to help you save energy, cut costs and reduce your carbon footprint. Wow! That sounds like a win-win-win proposition to us and convinces us that "It's Getting Better All The Time".

Energy Wave

It's All Too Much

Doesn't it feel that way when you get your electricity bill most months? It certainly feels that way to us. At least, it did until we implemented many of the energy saving and cost-cutting measures we're about to share with you in our Energy Saving Guide.

A lot of what we'll share with you can be done right now with no expense and very little effort involved (fab, right?), often being just a matter of changing long-standing habits.

We'll cover such things as "phantom loads" (is there a ghost in the house?!?!??) - what they are, how to find them, etc. - and move on to discussing energy saving tips that involve some expense but that won't break the bank (OK, "Money Can't Buy Me Love", you say, but we think it can help with a lot of other things).

Finally, we'll talk about more long-term and far-reaching changes you can make, some of which may need more planning and will involve some expense. But, like solar energy, these changes will more than pay for themselves over time with the money you'll save in reduced energy costs. And then there's the environment, of course (we hate to keep harping on about that, but it's just so important nowadays).

We Can Work It Out

So, check out the various sections of our Energy Saving Guide below. They're listed in ascending order of expense involved, from little or no cost to more costly changes. If you're just starting out on the "Long And Winding Road" of energy conservation, our advice would be to start with the "Basic Tips" section and then move through the other sections in turn. Otherwise, feel free to go directly to the section that interests you the most and move on from there.

  • Basic Tips (or “Things We Said Today” – oops, there are those Liverpool lads again! What we meant to say was “Things You Can Do Today”)
  • Phantom Loads
  • Inexpensive Changes
  • More expensive, longer-term things you can do, because, after all, “Tomorrow Never Knows”.

Altogether Now

We hope you found this Energy Saving Guide helpful. We don't claim that this is a comprehensive list of things you can do, and, if you know of any tips you think would be useful to share with others, please feel free to fill out the form below for possible addition to this guide. Thanks in advance. Or, "Dead gear and ta !" as our Fab Four boys would have it !

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