Our Top-Rated Batteries Will Save And Convert Power For When You Need It


Batteries? Why? Well, if you've got a cabin or you just live somewhere a long way from the nearest electrical grid, and you're planning on getting free electricity from the sun to provide power for your cabin or home, then you'll definitely need one or several of these, depending on the size of the solar energy system you have and the amount of power you need to produce.

When the Rain Comes
You'll be glad to have these as part of your system when the weather turns bad and it starts raining or snowing and the sun's not providing all the direct sunlight you need. That's because they will have stored the energy produced by your solar panels, and it will be available for you to use during bad weather spells or at night, so you'll never be without power.

Back Up Boogaloo
If you have a grid-tie photovoltaic system, there's a possibility of a power outage once in a while or you may just want to remain independent of the utility company even at night. In which case this is what you need, and we believe we've got just the right one for you.

For more detailed information on the different types of battery available and how they work, please visit our Energy Education Center.

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  • East Penn

    East Penn has been in the business of manufacturing batteries since 1946, and is located at Lyon Station, PA.

    We carry the following module(s):

  • Trojan

    Founded in 1925 and now located in Santa Fe Springs, California, Trojan Battery Company has been the world's leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries. Now in its third generation of family leadership, Trojan is dedicated to designing and building premium maroon, Trojan-branded deep cycle batteries for various applications, including but not limited to Renewable Energy systems.

    We carry the following model(s):

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