The SolarWorld SW175 700 Watt Solar Power System Packs Plenty Of Power In A Small Package

House With Solar Power System

The SolarWorld SW175 700 watt solar power system consists of only 4 SolarWorld SW-175 solar panels, which makes it SMALL enough to fit on the smallest of roofs and yet POWERFUL enough to provide power for most of your household needs.

Altogether Now (Again!)
As we said, these are complete systems, so not only do you get the fabulous SolarWorld photovoltaic panels, but this particular system comes with the PV Powered PVP1100EVR 1100 watt inverter, which will provide maximum efficiency in converting the DC power produced by your SolarWorld panels into usable AC power for your household needs, thus ensuring maximum energy harvest from your PV system.

And, of course, as previously stated, this comes with all the accessories you need to get your system up and running, namely array wiring, DC and AC disconnects, Unirac solar panel mounts to secure your PV modules to the roof, electrical drawings, data sheets, warranties and instructions.

OK, So Watt Do I get?
Glad you asked - look below and ye shall find!


Solar ModuleSolarWorld SW-175 mono

Nameplate watts700

Module qty4

# of strings1

CEC watts576

Inverter modelPV Powered PVP1100EVR


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