Get The Protection Your Components Deserve With The Outback OBFW5 FX2012TS Power Center

Outback FLEXware 500 Power Center

This strong, robust Outback OBFW5 FX2012TS Power Center will provide you peace of mind, knowing that your shiny, new solar energy components are all tucked away safely and conveniently in this secure enclosure.

The OBFW5 FX2012TS is built to house 1 inverter, model FX2012T, with a rated AC output of 120 volts. It also comes with an 80 amp battery charger.

This model is part of Outback's FLEXware 500 series of power centers and can hold all protective devices essential to your system, as well as offering lots of additional room for any other breakers or large cable connections you may need.

The OBFW5 FX2012TS can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, and it's this verstatility that enables it to fit in almost any space.

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