East Penn's MK SU1SLDG Battery Holds On To Your Solar Power Til You Need It

East Penn Batteries

The MK SU1SLDG battery is a gelled electrolyte battery that utilizes valve-regulated lead-acid (VRLA) technology, and, therefore, meet the highest quality performance and life standards.

A critical feature of any VRLA battery, gelled or absorbed, is the quality of the sealing valve. Not only must the valve keep the cell pressurized and safely release excessive pressure and gas due to overcharging, but it must also keep the cell from being contaminated by theatmosphere. Oxygen contamination will discharge a VRLA battery and eventually ruin the battery.

These valves are UL recognized and 100% tested after manufacturing. The benefit is reliable performance and long life.

A major advantage of VRLA batteries is their spillproof and leakproof feature. However, all VRLA batteries are not created equal in their degree of non-spillability.

East Penn’s exclusive gel electrolyte is formulated, mixed and controlled to assure proper “set” in every battery. Their computer-controlled gel mixing and filling equipment ensures homogenization of the mix. This assures a gel battery that will not spill or leak. This feature allows their gel cell to be operated in virtually any position. However, operating the battery upside-down is not recommended!




Capacity(Ah) 20-hour rate31.2

Capacity(Ah) 100-hour rate36.1

Dimensions in7.8 x 5.2 x 7.3

Weight lbs24

1 year


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