Kyocera's KD135GX-LPU Solar Panel Delivers 135 Watts Of Solar Power

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Kyocera KD135

The KD135GX-LPU solar panel from Kyocera is part of the line of highly efficient modules produced by this very reputable company. The efficiency of these modules helps them outperform most other modules of a similar power rating. That's thanks to Kyocera's innovative design and engineering that results in efficiencies in excess of 18.5%.

Sturdily Made

The KD135GX-LPU is made up of 36 multicrystalline solar cells that are contained inside a sturdy anodized aluminum frame to provide structural strength and ease of installation. One of the advantages of the Kyocera line of solar modules is that, due to their production efficiency, they take up less space to produce the same amount of energy as other modules, therefore requiring less mounting equipment.

The Technical Lowdown

Here's the technical information on this module. Sorry if this is a bit dry, but it is valuable information when it comes to determining whether or not this particular module will do the job you need it to do, so we make no apologies for that.

These modules are protected from more extreme weather and environmental conditions by their construction made up of a tempered glass front, a PVF (polyvinyl fluoride) backing and EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) pottant.


Peak power (watts)135

Number of cells36

Peak power voltage (volts)17.7

Peak power current (amps)7.63

Open circuit voltage (volts)22.1

Max. system voltage (volts)600

Short circuit Current (amps)8.37

Length (inch (mm))59.1 (1501)

Width (inch (mm))26.3 (668)

Depth (including j-box) (inch (mm))1.4 (36)

What Happens Next?

Well, if this module looks like the type you need, and you'd like to order one, then please contact us and we'll be happy to ship one right to your door, and we promise "It Won't Be Long" before it's delivered to your doorstep! If not, feel free to keep browsing....

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