When You're Out And About, Stay Connected With The Eton Solarlink FR360

Eton Solarlink FR360

The Eton Solarlink FR360 will keep you company wherever you go and while doing pretty much whatever you want. This sleek, versatile device, while outwardly looking like just another radio, has so many secrets up its sleeve (or more like inside its casing!), you'll be amazed!

Do You Want To Know A Secret?
Well, get ready to be amazed, because we're just bursting at the seams to let you in on the Solarlink FR360's secrets. Where do we begin? It's hard to decide, so let's just list them off in no particular order:

  • Digital tuner with AM (520-1710 KHz) & FM (87-108MHz)
  • NOAA weatherband with alert – all 7 channels plus “Alert”
  • Built-in 4 white LED light source
  • 1 flashing red LED
  • Can be powered from four different sources:
    1. Dynamo/hand crank which charges the Ni-MH battery
    2. From 3 AAA batteries (not included)
    3. AC Power
    4. Solar power which charges Ni-MH battery
  • Connectors, with rubber gaskets/plugs to seal out moisture, 3.5 mm headphone output, DC-in, USB phone charger and AUX-IN input
  • Telescopic antenna provided for maximum range and reception
  • USB cell phone charger (USB cable not included)
  • 3.5 mm headphone output
  • Dimensions: 6.25” x 6.5” x 2.75” and 158.75 x 165 x 69.85 mm (W x H x D)
  • Weight: 1 lb. and 450 g

Eton FR360 Details A
Eton FR360 Details B
All This And More?
And, yes, as if all the above weren't enough, there really is more! This beautifully designed device is rugged and hard-wearing and is ready and raring to go for any outdoor adventure you're undertaking, whether on the beach or in the great outdoors.

It's multifunctional, consisting of a high-quality AM/FM tuner, providing you with news, entertainment and public service announcements.

Not only that, but it also integrates a 7-channel NOAA (Nat. Oceanic & Atmospheric Admin) Weather Band receiver that brings you weather forecasts, alerts and other emergency messages--information vital to backpackers and travelers.

The digital tuner/display allows for precise tuning and optimal reception practically anywhere.

You've Got The Power
You'll never be out of power, thanks to the built-in solar panel or the hand crank, a few turns of which (about 90 seconds) will give you a full 15 minutes of radio use.

Need to recharge your cell phone or other small electrical device ? Use the USB phone charger and you'll be all set.

The AUX-IN input allows you to plug in an MP3 player and listen to it through the Eton Solarlink FR360 so you can take your music with you as well. Ideal for use whether you're on the go or sitting at home in your living room.

Need to be up bright and early? The FR360's got you covered there also, with a clock with a built-in alarm feature, all housed inside a crystal-clear digital display.

All this in a compact, rugged casing that will withstand practically any bumping and bruising inflicted upon it, and is ready to go for outdoor use and/or in the event of an enmergency.

The cleverly designed casing protects the analog controls from damage, while rubber gaskets and plugs help keep moisture out of the unit, so you're multifunctional miracle is kept safe from damage, come rain or shine. The easy-to-read backlit LED screen is recessed to keep it from being damaged and displays radio and battery status, while incorporating the alarm clock we mentioned above, which comes with snooze and sleep functions.

The Eton Solarlink FR360's technology ensures that you'll have everything you need whenever and wherever you need it, so just grab one and go!

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