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Evergreen Solar ES-190 Solar Panel - Looks Good, Performs Even Better...

Evergreen Solar ES-190

The ES-190 module is one of Evergreen Solar's ES series of solar panels. Weighing in with a bit more power than the ES-180 (180 watts) and producing a meaty 190 watts at peak power, the ES-190 will give you both the power and the aesthetic appeal you need, whether powering your grid-tie application or charging your battery.

Two Of Us

This particular series of modules (the ES series) utilizes two parallel strings of 54 cells in series and can be used for battery charging with an appropriate charge controller.

We Try To See It Your Way

And to do that, we want to give you as much technical information about the ES-190 as we can for those of you technically inclined, so you "techies" will love this part (everybody else, feel free to skip this and join us again following this next paragraph - thank you!).

The Technical Stuff

These modules provide superior performance and feature:

  • Maximum power up to 4% above rated, minimum only 2% below rated
  • Anti-reflection cover glass delivers more energy
  • Backed by a 25-year limited power warranty; 2-year workmanship warranty
  • A rigid, double-walled, deep frame with integrated water drainage holes
  • Crimped frame corners – no screws to loosen
  • Sealed junction box never needs field maintenance
  • UL, cUL and CEC approved

And we know you're concerned about the environment, so just look at Evergreen's environmental credentials:

  • Energy payback time up to 40% faster than leading crystalline technologies (Energy payback time = the time required for any energy producing system or device to produce as much useful energy as was consumed in its manufacture and construction. For PV the energy payback time is normally 2 to 4 years, but these modules will do that in almost half the time!)
  • Low carbon dioxide emissions in the manufacturing process – up to 33% less than other leading crystalline technologies
  • Low lead – use of lead-free solder for all solar cell inter-connections

Evergreen modules have multi-contact cables and are Ul, cUL and CEC approved. They are manufactured in both the USA and Germany.

Manufacturer's Warranty (under Standard Test Conditions)

10-year 90% power warranty.
25-year 80% power warranty.


Peak power (watts)190

Peak power voltage (volts)26.7

Peak power current (amps)7.12

Open circuit voltage (volts)32.8

Short circuit Current (amps)8.05

Max. system voltage (volts)600

Series fuse rating (amps)15

Length (inch (mm))61.8 (1570)

Width (inch (mm))37.5 (951)

Depth (inch (mm))1.6 (41)

Weight (lbs (kg))40.1 (18.2)

On Our Way Home

We hope that was helpful for you "techies" and welcome back everybody else! That wasn't too bad, was it? We didn't think so. We're on the home stretch now. So, is this the right solar panel for your needs? If so, please contact us and we'll be happy to ship one right to your door, and we promise "It Won't Be Long"! If not, feel free to keep looking....

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