Introducing AEE Solar's AE-20HE 20 Watt Panel

AEE Solar AE-20HE

The AE-20HE is a small wonder, being the smallest in AEE Solar's HE series of solar panels, and is ideal for all your small-to-medium sized off-grid and battery-charging applications.

The AE-20HE - and the HE series in general - provide cost-effective photovoltaic power for DC loads with moderate energy requirements. In other words, if you're looking to power lights or small appliances such as a radio or provide power for your small cabin, RV or boat or keep your battery charged, then look no further, because one or more of these little beauties will do the trick.

We Try To See It Your Way

And to do that, we want to give you as much technical information as we can for those of you technically inclined, so you "techies" will love this part (everybody else, feel free to skip this and join us again following this next paragraph - thank you!).

The Technical Stuff

These modules are made with back-contact 18-20% efficient monocrystalline cells laminated behind tempered glass with aluminum frames offering the smallest footprint available for this size module. They have an industrial-grade conduit-ready junction box on the back that has knockouts for two standard 1/2" conduit fittings.


Peak power (watts)20

Number of cells34

Peak power voltage (volts)17.30

Peak power current (amps)1.18

Open circuit voltage (volts)22.3

Short circuit Current (amps)1.30

Length (inch (mm))23.03 (585)

Width (inch (mm))11.42 (290)

Depth (inch (mm))1.02 (26)

On Our Way Home

We hope that was helpful for you "techies" and welcome back everybody else! That wasn't too bad, was it? We didn't think so. We're on the home stretch now. So, is this the right solar panel for your needs? If so, please contact us and we'll be happy to ship one right to your door, and we promise "It Won't Be Long"! If not, feel free to keep looking....

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