Looking to cut energy costs and considering solar? Look no further!

Sun and solar panels OK, well, All You Need Is Solar is not entirely true and, being the savvy, green-minded person you are, you're probably aware that there are many cost-cutting, energy-saving measures you can take - and should take - before you even begin to consider installing a new solar energy system. Doing so will improve the return-on-investment timeframe of your new system, and is, therefore, an important first step.

Because, although we love renewable energy and believe that that's where the world's energy future lies, our main interest and purpose is to help you save money and conserve energy.


When it's time to clean their silverware, be it jewelry, candelesticks, etc., most people opt for some type of chemical product, which, more often than not, can be quite expensive, and environmentally unsafe. Well, here's a cheap, healthy way to get all that tarnished silverware to shine like new again - open a box of dry baking soda and just rub with that. Voila! Beautiful, shiny silverware and no damage to the environment!

Thank You and Think Green. Come back for more Weekly Green Tips from your friends here at All-You-Need-Is-Solar.com

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How can we do that? Two ways:

  1. Providing you with as many energy-saving opportunities as possible, and
  2. Helping you to select the renewable energy products and/or system to meet your needs.

So, if your main goal right now is to cut your energy costs without the use of renewable energy, please consult our Energy Saving Guide.

And, if not, what's that we hear you say?

You Say You Want A Revolution...!

Well, we couldn’t agree with you more! So, with that in mind, we'll do our best to help guide you through the maze of terms, jargon, products, etc., so that you'll leave this site either ready to join the new Solar Revolution or at least better equipped to discuss it further with family and friends.

You may notice a similarity between the name of our site and a song by a certain group of 4 lovely lads from Liverpool. Well, that's not entirely by accident. You see, back then, love was going to save the world. These days, renewable energy might not quite save the world, but it’s a vital technology that will help our environment and improve the world for us and for future generations.

Here Comes The Sun

So, let's get started and take the plunge into the exciting world of energy provided freely by the sun!

If you're new to the world of renewable energy and would like to familiarize yourself with some of the terms, take a look at our extensive Glossary. We're constantly adding to and updating it and if you catch an error (sorry - we try to be as accurate as possible but mistakes sometimes slip by us, being human and all that) or would like to have us add something new, we'd love to get your input, so please either contact us or fill out the form you'll find on our Glossary page. Thank you.

And, for information on harvesting energy from the sun in general and the various types of systems and parts available to do so, please check out our Education Center.

Here's a great little video that starts out with "Here Comes The Sun" as the background music - how could we resist?!!??? Many thanks to Rissa Hounsell for putting this together:

Sun King

If you’re considering installing a solar energy system, and you’re hooked up to a utility grid (just another way of saying your electricity is supplied by a utility company!), there are 2 pieces of equipment you’ll need at a minimum:

  1. Photovoltaic (PV) Panels

  2. An inverter

Click on either of these and you’ll find a wealth of information on these products. You can also find all the information you need on many other solar products, including:

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